Tools and resources

Coming soon: Our toolkits and online courses guide lecturers and institutions through a learning journey to transform your own teaching and learning practice.  Follow the complete learning pathway from programme alignment to learning design, or  engage with the individual elements that are most relevant to you.

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Programme alignment

Profiling the ideal graduate.

Face to face workshop toolkit - coming soon

Identify a ‘big picture‘ of the nature and character of the graduate your institution is aiming to shape and how individual colleges, faculties, schools and programmes can contribute to this vision.


Transformative learning

Developing critical reflective thinking in learners.

Face to face workshop toolkit - coming soon

Go beyond teaching and learning facts. Develop a facilitation philosophy that promotes critical reflective thinking to nurture who and what your students become.

Course redesign

For significant learning and transformation.

Face to face workshop toolkit and online course - coming soon

Conceptualise your course content to embed the soft skills and gender responsiveness that your students will need.

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Learning design

Planning effective learning experiences.

Online course - coming soon

Create effective learning experiences for your students with a step-by-step plan for delivering transformative and gender-responsive learning sessions of your choice and length.