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Let’s work together

Using the model to transform teaching & learning

Using the Transforming Higher Education for Social Change model, our community of experts can provide a tailored system of support that enables

  •  individual academics to improve their pedagogy and curricula

  •  universities, or their colleges, faculties and schools  – to improve the quality and relevance of teaching

  • groups of universities, either nationally or regionally, to collaborate on a wider programme of reform.

We can 

  • Support you to implement the Transforming Higher Education for Social Change model, using a blended approach of face to face or online sessions to support your process of change

  • Run an online training programme, providing access to further tools, templates and resources, and support from experienced practitioners to act as mentors and guides

  • Connect you to a growing professional learning community – bringing faculty from universities. across Africa, and across discipline, together in a peer learning space 


New project ideas?

The TESCEA partnership is keen to hear from universities and organisations who would like to work together to jointly design and implement new initiatives to equip young people to make a difference in their communities and societies.

We are committed to a process of collaborative working, responding to the strategies and priorities of partners, co-designing a programme of work, and working to secure the funding to do this.  

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