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Pedagogical development


  • Harle, J., INASP, July 2021, New thinking to tackle the teaching challenge in East African higher education. Read the paper. 

Blogs and articles

  • Skovgaard, M., INASP website, September 2020, How to make university classes more gender responsive. Read the blog .

  • The TESCEA project team, SPHEIR, July 2020, Moving face-to-face workshops for higher education staff online. Read the blog.

  • Buchner, T.  Dryden, J., UKFIET, July 2020, Adapting for sustainability: taking training of trainers online to continue higher education support. Read the blog .

  • SPHEIR team, SPHEIR website, May 2020,  Fresh thinking in East Africa: Helping graduates develop skills for the workplace and society. Read the blog.

  • Harle, J., INASP, April 2020,  Enabling social change from changes in higher education. Read the blog .

  • Skovgaard, M., INASP, December 2019,  Gender-responsive pedagogy in higher education: How we are approaching it in TESCEA. Read the blog .

  • Monk, D., Gulu University, December 2019,  Rethinking how university courses are taught to help meet the needs of students and community. Read the blog .

  • Buchner, T., INASP, November 2019,  Transferring skills and knowledge for scale-up and sustainability. Read the blog .

  • Munuve, V., Uganda Martyrs University, October 2019,  Experience of implementing course redesign to help students gain critical thinking skills. Read the blog .

  • Tenywa Malagala, A., Gulu University, May 2019,  How to bring gender-responsive pedagogy into course redesign in higher education. Read the blog .

  • Harris, S., INASP, December 2018,  Transforming teachers for transformed students. Read the blog .

  • Mutonyi, H., Uganda Martyrs University, November 2018,  University courses should support critical thinking skills to help address national needs. Read the blog .

  • Nakkazi, E, University World News, September 2018,  Partnership aims to produce problem-solving graduates Read the article .

  • INASP, September 2018,  New area of work supports critical thinking skills in East Africa. Read the blog .

Videos and webinars

  • INASP, July 2020, TESCEA student perspective: Dorice Kagisa, University of Dodoma. Watch the video .

  • INASP, July 2020, TESCEA student perspective: Ignatus Mkonga, University of Dodoma. Watch the video .

  • INASP, December 2019, Multipliers in the TESCEA partnership. Watch the video .

  • INASP, November 2019, Gloriana Monko discusses curriculum redesign and the role of "multipliers" in the TESCEA partnership, University of Dodoma. Watch the video .

  • INASP, April 2019,  Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa. Watch the video .

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