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Transformative Learning
Developing Critical Reflective Thinking in Learners

Go beyond teaching and learning facts. Develop a facilitation philosophy that promotes critical reflective thinking to nurture who and what your students become.

Face-to-face workshop


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Day 2

Face-to-face workshop

The Transformative Learning – Developing Critical Reflective Thinking in Learners workshop is aimed at academic teaching staff, who teach mainly at undergraduate level. Its goal is to promote a growth mindset amongst academic teaching staff and equip them with the necessary competencies to infuse critical thinking and problem-solving into their own teaching (and facilitation) practice and within the learning environments in which they operate.

The two and a half-day workshop is designed to inspire and furnish academic teaching staff with the skills to mainstream Transformative Learning within their courses. The workshop can alternatively be run as a series of shorter ‘chunked’ workshops run over a longer period of time, allowing participants more opportunity to reflect on their own facilitation practice and to make incremental changes to their facilitation approach.

Throughout the workshop, academic teaching staff are taken through a process that simulates the Transformative Learning Cycle (TL Cycle), which they are encouraged to embed in their own facilitation of learning practice. Through the adoption of this cycle and Transformative Learning Pedagogy, academic teaching staff are able to create learning environments which move students beyond simply ‘knowing’ to confidently exercising critical reflective thinking and problem-solving in all areas of their life.


Students and graduates who possess these skills, capabilities and dispositions are more likely to demonstrate the ability and mental agility to create their own futures; innovating and creating new knowledge, becoming the changemakers they need to be, to transform themselves, their communities and the world for the better.


PowerPoint slides

Click the images or text below to download the daily sets of slides to accompany the Facilitator Resource Pack


Word documents

Download Word versions of key forms for online editing and customising to your workshop


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