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Other resources

We have developed additional resources to support lecturers and institutions in their transformative teaching and learning journey, which you will find below:

Pedagogical patterns

In this resource we provide examples of pedagogical patterns showcasing 9 pedagogic principles that support transformative teaching and learning. The patterns have been extracted from learning designs collected from facilitators of learning during the TESCEA project. They serve as examples of good pedagogy and can be reused by other facilitators of learning in their own disciplines. The patterns have been extracted and curated by Diana Laurillard, UCL, Joanna Wild, INASP, and Annelise Dennis, INASP Associate.
Click here to download our PDF resource on the pedagogical patterns. 

Teaching and learning activities/strategies

These teaching and learning activities were compiled by the TESCEA partnership to inspire facilitators of learning with different kinds of teaching and learning activities. To access them, please visit our Padlet here.  

Examples of teaching and learning activities

Critical thinking and solving ill-structured problems skills

Students need to be equipped with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to contribute fully to employment and wider society when they graduate. It is therefore very important for universities to understand the types of skills that employers want to see from graduates and the skills gaps that currently exist.

The TESCEA partnership recognized the need to understand this issue deeply and therefore conducted a literature review to identify key skills and skills gaps identified worldwide, with a strong focus on literature from Sub-Saharan Africa.

The literature review was used to create clusters of key skills. If you'd like to find out more about this process, read the paper here

Below you can find the skills clusters that were identified.

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