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Partnership and institutional collaboration


  • Nzegwu, F. , INASP,  August 2018, Using adaptive monitoring, evaluation and learning in programme design. Read the paper .

Blogs and articles

  • SPHEIR Fund Manager, December 2020, Transforming the quality of higher education in the wake of Covid-19. Read the blog.

  • Harle, J., INASP, May 2019, Reflecting on a year of partnership to boost higher education in East Africa. Read the blog .

  • Harle, J., INASP, December 2018,  Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa: the first eight months. Read the blog .

  • Sesabo, J., Mzumbe University, November 2018, East African context is important for appropriate higher-education frameworks in the region. Read the blog .

  • Nzegwu, F., INASP, October 2018, Adaptive MEL at the heart of project implementation. Read the blog .

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