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Programme Alignment
Profiling the Ideal Graduate

Identify a ‘big picture‘ of the nature and character of the graduate your institution is aiming to shape and how individual colleges, faculties, schools and programmes can contribute to this vision.

Face-to-face workshop


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Face-to-face workshop

The Programme Alignment – Profiling the Ideal Graduate workshop is aimed at key academic teaching staff (including Heads of Departments, Deans and Quality Assurance Officers) involved in designing and delivering programmes and courses, mainly at the undergraduate level, that will be undergoing redesign. The workshop is designed to support a process of conceptualising the big picture of the nature and character of the type of ideal graduate that the university is aiming to shape and how each individual institutional unit, programme and course contributes to the development of this graduate.

The workshop can take the form of a two to three-day workshop which can either be conducted with representatives from three to four programmes from different institutional units at the university or with all programmes in the same institutional unit in one session. Throughout the workshop, key academic teaching staff involved in delivering a programme are taken
through a process ensuring that they design programmes and courses that pay attention to the ultimate goal; namely the shaping of employable graduates equipped with 21st century skills.


PowerPoint slides

Click the images or text below to download the daily sets of slides to accompany the Facilitator Resource Pack


Word documents

Download Word versions of key forms for online editing and customising to your workshop

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