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A new approach from East Africa to transform teaching and learning

Transforming Higher Education for Social Change: a model from East Africa is a rigorous methodology of pedagogy and curriculum redesign that supports lecturers to rethink their teaching and become facilitators of student-centred learning – helping students learn how to think, not what to think.

Equipping young people with the skills to tackle social and economic problems

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Developed by the TESCEA partnership, our online courses, toolkits and case studies are specifically designed to support lecturers and institutions in low resource settings to transform their teaching and learning practices.


From the region, for the region

Developed, tried and tested by East African lecturers and institutions to support others through their own change process.

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Who We Are

We are a partnership of seven organisations dedicated to helping young people in East Africa use their skills and ideas to tackle social and economic problems. We do this by supporting universities, industries, communities and government to work together to create an improved learning experience for students, both women and men.


"My belief and values regarding students have changed. I have realized that in order to make learning effective they need to be treated as partners."

Lecturer, Tanzania

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