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Impact of the multiplier approach beyond TESCEA

Mini case study

The impact of multipliers extends beyond the TESCEA project. As discussed in another mini case study, multipliers at Uganda Martyrs University have been instrumental in their institution’s transition to online delivery. Multipliers at TESCEA’s Tanzanian universities are similarly in high demand. At Mzumbe University, multipliers have begun working in collaboration with the institution’s ‘Unit for Teaching Skills and Distance Learning’, who are drawing upon their pedagogical expertise to strengthen activities. What is more, they have been invited to participate in additional projects at the institution:

“…team is now planning for establishing synergy with P1 of the P1 VLIR-OUS project [which supports university partnerships that are searching for answers to global and local challenges], whereby some multipliers will facilitate sessions to other campuses of the university on gender responsive pedagogy.”

Dr Felichesmi Lyakurwa, Mzumbe University

On a similar note, when the University of Dodoma won an innovation fund, which involved training students to develop and pitch their innovative ideas, it was the team of multipliers that provided mentoring to those participating, supporting the development of their ideas and the management of seed money. members, ensure community participation in curriculum development and reviews, and documenting and sharing experiences of community engagement activities with university partners.

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