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Incentivisation of multipliers

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Mini case study

The TESCEA universities identified several methods to both incentivise multipliers and recognise their contributions. This mini case explores some of the universities’ approaches, however, it is important to recognise that all multipliers are primarily motivated by their belief in this transformational approach.

  • Certificates of accomplishment At Gulu University, multipliers are awarded certificates in anticipation of a change in the university’s promotion criteria. The TESCEA team is advocating for these certificates to “carry promotion points by policy” in the future.

  • University recognition Mzumbe University also emphasises the importance of recognition, especially from university management: “Multipliers and TESCEA project members have been recognised by University management during high meetings as well as during Mzumbe University Alumni day” Dr Felichesmi Lyakurwa, Mzumbe University

  • Financial compensation (time) For the duration of the TESCEA project, universities financially compensated their multipliers for the time spent on workshop delivery and related activities. However, in anticipation of the end of TESCEA, all universities are exploring alternative sources of funding; for example, establishing an institutional budget for multipliers.

  • Financial compensation (expenses) In addition to time, some universities have also endeavoured to meet their multiplier’s expenses. For example, Mzumbe University provided their multipliers with transport to and from workshops/events, and the University of Dodoma provided support with connectivity through the provision of data bundles.

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